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Residence Additions & Remodels

- Glenna Grey Residence Addition/Remodel (1999),Eugene

A new master bedroom, bathroom and
closet suite for an artist's home includes
an unusual bathroom countertop.

- Frohnmayer Residence Deck Addition (199x), Eugene

An elegant deck addition for University of
Oregon President David Frohnmayer.

- Almatrood Residence Remodel & Addition (199x), Eugene

Extensive residence remodel for the Almatrood family.

-Keele Residence Remodel & Addition
-Groshong Residence Remodel

New Residences
-Design consulting on new residence for Nate & Tami Sakany

-Residence for Ronald & Elaine Weiss, Dexter
-Residence for Pamela & Roger VanVoorhis, Eugene
-Residence for Oscar & Anne Hernandez
-Wooley Residence Solar House Design (198x), Eugene
-Housen Residence Solar House Design (198x), Eugene
-Lund Residence, Eugene
-Mullarkey Residence Design (19xx), Cedar Flats
-Speculative House Design (19xx), Eugene
-Bend Homes (2007), Bend, Oregon
-Newman Residence (2005), Eugene, Oregon
-Florence Homes (2007), Florence, Oregon

MultiFamily Housing Projects

-Alpine PUD Condominiums, Eugene

An unbuilt project in south Eugene, near Willamette street. Multistory units on a challenging sloped site with rental and purchase options.

-Triwillow Multifamily/Mixed Use development, Springfield

Multifamily development on 16th and Main in Springfield, this project seeks to address issues of higher than average residential densities and the mixing of residential, retail and office space on a single site, while developing a strong street edge and a generous interior courtyard.
-Wullschleger Townhouses, Springfield

6 Unit townhouse development near Mountain Gate in Springfield.
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